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Starch is a potential in nature which is available but not extracted. Meanwhile there is a large demand for food, for resources for industries and there are new markets developing. We can close the cap and add something new.


Sago Indonesia

The starch available in nature can be taken out in an environmental friendly way. That is by cultivating parts of nature to let the high potential plants grow. Next step is to take plants with high yield and extract the starch in a factory.


The high quality starch will be brought to the world market where demand is rising. Starch is used for lactic acid, sugars, alcohol and for food stuff. Demand for reusable energy resources makes starch a runner like vegetable oil. New methods for alcohol out of wood and out of celluloses may double the potential of sago plantations.


The ideal developments consider an average top price development like it was for the last 5 years. It reflects changing demand for starch.

With total investments of 7,5 million euros the result per year will be almost a turnover of 10 million and a profit of over 5 million before tax.

With investments of 11 million euros eventually the result will be a turnover of 25 and a profit of over 17 million before tax. We may achieve this in a few years.


Aim of the pilot project is sustainable cultivation, goal of the project and beyond is a high economic result.







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